The TMH FIT & LEAN IN Challenge has been designed to help you look and feel great in 2016.


How it works?

  • Follow a specialised ” Day by Day Meal”plan that focuses on healthy homemade meals
  • Full weekly shopping list that you can find in your local supermarket
  • Designed to show you exactly what meals to prepare ahead of time
  • For 21 Days you will follow a ” Day by Day” Meal Plan which consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks from the TMH Cook Book. The plan will be forwarded to you via an E book along with a easy to follow shopping list that I have created, which includes all of your ingredients needed for each week.


The TMH Challenges have had huge success and helped people lose up to ” 10 Ibs in 3 weeks”  and transformed their eating habits. 


Why Join the 21 Day Challenge ?

We all know what to do but we don’t do it ! That is because most of us aren’t accountable to anybody, so now is your chance to stop the excuses, regain your health and kick the sugar habits with my Nutritious Meals. I have designed this plan to be time effective, so you only have to be cooking once a day.




Bronze – If you already have the TMH Free From cook book then all you need to start the plan is the 21 day E book for  – £9.99


Silver– If you need a copy of the TMH Free From cook book and the 21 day e book then silver if  option you need  – £24.99


Gold – If you need the TMH Free From cook book, 21 day E book and TMH protein powder the option is  – £55.00



For even faster results then add the Fit & Lean exercise plan to your 21 day challenge for just £3.99.



NOTE: For the challenge to work, you will need a copy of the new TMH Free From Cook Book on any of the above plans. 


TMH Final front cover


The TMH FIT & LEAN Challenge has been tried and tested and really works!

Real People – Real Results

Natalie Ryan ” I loved the plan, as a single mum with 3 kids I found meals we could all enjoy and it’s changed my habits for the best. After a break I’m back on the plan again tomorrow. Loved it!

Michelle Snaith “I can really recommend this plan. Recipes are easy to follow and delicious! Ingredients aren’t too complicated and are easy to get hold of. Even my husband has been enjoying his new healthy eating plan. Jemma has been really great both encouragement, advice and answering any questions ”

Kate Strachan ‘ I have really enjoyed taking part in the TMH 28 day challenge. The meal plans are a great guide and all the recipes are absolutely delicious and very easy to follow. I haven’t come across anything my family don’t like. The curries are a favourite with my husband!! I have been eating clean for most of the year but it’s been fab to get some new ideas and the cookbook is the one I pick up the most during the week now as they are so tasty and quick to make. Jemma has been so lovely, always on hand to answer any questions and give words of encouragement when needed. I really recommend the challenge! ”




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