About Truly Madly Healthy

The latest cook book TMH Free From is now available. It has taken me two years to create this fantastic book and it is jam packed with over 130 free from recipes.   TMH Final front cover   First and foremost i am a absolute foodie, if i am not in the kitchen making healthy food then i am dreaming about what to create next!

For the past 6 years I have been a Full Time Personal Trainer running my Bootcamp Business, and spending any spare minute creating new recipes in our Kitchen. Over this time my hobby for cooking has evolved into my daily passion. Cooking for me is a way to celebrate, relax, bring  people together and enjoy life !   TMH-Book-2-006

In 2016 i became new Mum and after training and teaching many women over this time, I now specialize in Female Fat Loss. I practice all my advise first to ensure that I am passing on practical advise that I truly believe.



dsc_9932My aim is for any client (and you) is to make your life simpler !   I want to pass on my knowledge from my experiences, so you order know exactly what works. You will then have honest and practical advise to help you recreate the delicious dishes at home. Before I joined the Fitness Industry, my approach to eating couldn’t have been further from how I am eating now. For me food used to be always on-the-go and more of an inconvenience. I used to have a 2 hour commute to Mayfair, London everyday so I would also go for the easiest option, which usually meant no breakfast, a coffee and muffin when I got into London, pasta salad for lunch, another coffee in the afternoon and an average meal like spag bol when i got home. I basically gave into whatever I craved that day because I was so tired to resist the bad foods! I now follow everything that I teach to my clients, and my diet is made from as much unprocessed food as possible i.e. good quality protein, good fats, fruit and vegetables and certain carbohydrates. I have the same amount of hours in the day, and the only difference is that I stopped making excuses saying that I didn’t have time and changed my priorities! It took some time but I have now learnt to listen to my body and know that it doesn’t react well with certain foods. So I recommend you try the same and start listening to your body as it is really powerful knowing exactly what your body does and doesn’t get along with – after all your health is in your hands!


Why do I do what I do ?

  1. Past Struggle: Because for years as teenager/young woman i put myself under so much pressure to look a certain way and i went on ludicrous diets just to try and lose weight – My Why – To help as many young girls and women to stop this cycle and learn how to enjoy a varied and healthy diet and reach them in schools.
  2. Healthy: I have a keen interest in educating people on the” alternative view” to what they hear in the mainstream. My vision has helped me offer free workshops for children to the women’s institute.
  3. I Love Cooking: Because i have practised, eaten, tried and tested every single recipe so i know that they all do taste great and deliver the results you want.
  4. The Love of my Family: My friends and family are the most important people in my life so the more i learn, the more i can help them. From my best friends looking for advice after they give birth, or my clients who are looking to conceive and start a new family. I am delighted to say that one couple has followed this advise and they are now expecting ( what better gift !! ). The more i learn the healthier my family becomes.
  5. There are many more but these are the most important to me…I simply Love what i do !!

I have lots of goals in 2017 and i will aim to keep all of you Healthier !


How i can help you: Personalised Nutrition & Meal Plan – £50.00 LEVEL 1 Personalised Nutrition & Meal Plan – £75.00 LEVEL 2 – Follow a very personalised meal plan to reach your optimal body composition. A complete breakdown of the Protein/Fats and Carbohydrates that your body needs.


Private 121 Personal Training Session ( based in Leigh) – £35.00 Pre & Post Natal Personal Training Session ( based in Leigh ) – £35.00 and Home Program


Fertility Nutrition Plan – £35.00 TMH Baby Weaning Manual and Recipes – £35.00